Rocket launch

With the last Jonna clinic for the year approaching, I decided the boys needed a midweek jump to tune them both up. Well, mostly to let Coolie get his sillies out!

I set up a small course and dragged out my flowers to pretty things up a bit and to see how the horses would react. I set the jumps to about 60 for Henry which is a first for me since I am usually a pansy, but I know the height is fine for him he just needs more practice. I also decided that kiddo needed to jump the barrel so I chucked that out too.

Henry was a SLUG to warm up. I had to really push him forward in the walk but he woke up eventually. Over our first few jumps he was still pretty casual though, he has worked out that little uprights aren't worth too much effort, just enough to haul our butts over.

We got cantering and Hen perked up a bit more, he had a nice steady rhythm, no rushing and just allowed me to support him to the fence. Henry is a clever boy, if he landed on the wrong lead, I would bring him back to the trot, and he would strike off on the correct canter lead without being asked as if to say 'oops! Got it now mum!'. My position felt really strong and I didn't hunt any fences, instead closing my leg and letting Henry work out the rest. Henry jumped the flowers like it was no big deal, and then we tackled the oxer.

The oxer was one of the bigger ones we had done, and while I wasn't scared I was a little apprehensive because I knew he would jump it big. I wasn't wrong and I could feel Henry thinking 'how the heck do we jump this?!' as we approached. He is an honest boy, and he moved up to the fence and jumped the shit out of it.

I put all the jumps together in a course and Henry continued to power over everything and really use himself over the oxer. We gave the barrel a crack too, and man, that horse can jump. It was the first time I have really felt him use himself and it was awesome. That horse is so athletic and I feel like I am starting to ride him much better and utilise all the power he has.

Henry got a bit tired and strung out by the end of our ride but we finished on a good note and had a very productive ride.

Coolie has only jumped once since Brigadoon and he still felt a little off after our XC retirement. I wanted to get a feel of how he felt because he has been going so well on the flat, and I also wanted him to get his sillies out because he can be a total porkchop after not jumping for a while.

He warmed up fine, and popped an upright well the first few times, and then we got into a course. He kept his sillies to a minimum, jumped super and really nailed the lines. The jumps were set at about 80, I just wanted a fairly easy session.


  1. Look at those knees!

  2. omg look at Henry go!! ha he's gonna be so cool ;)

    1. HE really is. He makes it feels so easy, but it's hard work staying woth him!


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