Summer lovin'

I have been trying to write a post all week but between work, a cold (in summer no less) and just generally not doing anything too exciting I was struggling and that post is now mostly irrelevant.

It's been warm here, but on the really hot days I don't ride, or ride early like today. Both the horses have been doing really well recently, especially Henry who has been my main focus. Coolie is in holiday mode and so he's been his spooky, silly self which I have come to expect. If he's not in 4-5 days a week of work then he gets silly!

Wednesday he was particularly challenging because he was claiming he couldn't go into the contact, couldn't bend, couldn't do any of the things he usually can. I was slightly concerned at first that there was something wrong with him because he has been awesome. Then I remembered he was the same last year and just worked him through it. I'll still keep an eye on how he is feeling but since he is a happy chappy to ride in the bush I imagine it's just because working properly is hard.

I rode Henry before work this morning because it's going to be a stinker today. Usually I would ride Coolie before work because with the strong easterly wind we get it makes to horses fresh and spooky after being locked up all night. I manned up though and rode Henry because he's the one that needs more work. I was expecting him to be rather full of himself, and he was very unsettled while I was tacking up.

The first thing he did when I asked him to walk on was to spook, and he felt so tense so I thought I was in for some gymnastics. Instead though he settled right into his work and got on with it. I kept the ride short and after a WTC hopped off, untacked and put him back in the paddock where he proceeded to gallop about like a turnip.

Tonight the farrier is coming, then tomorrow we have one last XC training session of the year. Henry is coming again and I am hopeful he will settle faster and we can consolidate a few things. Fingers crossed it's not as windy!

This weekend is going to be hot and Christmas Day is forecast to be 35C! I have a lot of baking to do and the kitchen has no aircon so I think there is going to be some early mornings with the oven on to beat the heat.
Spot the roo!

Boxing day Coolie and I are off to the beach with our cow chasing friend so I am looking forward to that, it will be a nice way to cool off!

Best part of summer... mulberries!


  1. oh man, stay cool in all that heat!! and have fun with the xc schooling and cow chasing!! i'm hoping to get in another xc school too, tho we'll also be weather dependent but for different reasons obvi haha

    1. Hehe, it's hard to imagine the cold when it's roasting over here!


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