It's that time of year where I scroll through social media and things don't quite match up... it's 37C here today, and snowing in other parts of the world. I flick from pictures of snow to pictures from Adelaide 3DE where the sun is shining and they are having the most perfect weather!
Look how cute he is!
This time last year I was watching the dressage in Adelaide. I have friends there this year, and friends at Equitana in Melbourne.. I am feeling quite jealous!But I'll be back at Adelaide and Equitana is on my radar too! I have already started saving and planning on what I might buy.

Instead of running off and having fun in different parts of the country I have been staying right here having fun! This week the temperatures have really started warm up and the flies have gone crazy! I set up some pole exercises and both horses got a ride int he arena on the flat using the poles and then because I'm slack/it's hot/it's the end of the season, we have headed out in the bush.

I'm starting to realise that Henry is easier in the bush than Coolie too... he doesn't pull, doesn't spook and is just generally happy to be out. Coolie loves going out too but he loves to gallop and will tell me when he thinks we should, and if something is in the wrong place it warrants spooking at!

Today we are all having the day off because it will probably be too warm after work. We just haven't adjusted to it yet and there is no need to ride. The farrier is coming out to do their feet, and I'm hoping Coolie's will look a whole heap better. They are just terrible at the moment from the very wet weather we had.

Next weekend Henry is going show jumping again, it will probably be our last outing before the end of the year, other than lessons.

I hope everyone else has a lovely weekend, what ever it is they do!


  1. unbelievably we had snow here in maryland yesterday, which is pretty early for us! luckily it's melting quickly, tho the ground conditions will probably be officially crummy from here out. sigh. glad you're feeling relaxed going into the off season too!

    1. Snow is so exciting for me, because I live somewhere it doesn't snow. It just gets very hot here!


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