Summer plans

Summer is nearly here and that means it's the off season. In terms of going out and doing stuff, I have no plans. I actually don't want to do anything and I am planning on scheduling a weekend of doing nothing, away from the house, where I don't feel guilty about not cleaning.

I have many plans in terms of the horses training and what I want to be doing with them to improve them both. One of the big things I want to change is their way of going. Both of them are down hill, and need to learn to lift through their shoulders. Both of them need more topline. Both of them need to get better into the contact. Both of them need a more consistent rider, because a lot of the issues they have are down to me.

I have big plans for Coolie next year, and I intend to spend summer preparing for them. I have hopes for Henry but refuse to put pressure on either of us. What ever happens happens, but I want him to improve and be ready for when we are ready to go out and make waves. I want to take a horse out who has the best possible foundation to build on.

So that means loads of homework, which I am pretty excited about. Coolie has had an easy couple of week while I have let him have some downtime after our last comp and focused on Henry. Next week though he is coming back to work for project topline.

For Coolie this is going to involve lots of walking up hills in a long and low frame, pole work, and walking through the water at the beach. I want to make it fun and varied so I am going to put together a schedule and make sure we get to the beach multiple times, I'd like to make it there once a fortnight.

Henry is going to be doing hill work and pole work, plus his normal work. His topline has improved a heap already recently so he is on track. For him it is still all about building his foundation up and getting those basics firmly installed. My other summer project for Henry is cross country training! That's high up on the list and have a few ideas about getting him out with some friends.

In general this summer is going to be about relaxing and preparing the horses for next season, keeping them fit and ticking over but relaxing their bodies and their brains. They will most likely have some easy weeks, and time off but neither of them is getting a proper holiday as they will both get a month off next March/April.


  1. i'm working on my plans for the off season as well, and feel like i'll be doing a lot of the same. just trying to get my horse as mentally and physically happy and healthy and ready for whatever's next!

    1. Exactly! Lucky for us we get to do it outside in the sun, not stuck indoors.


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