Organised chaos

Things continue to be chaotic around here, but the end is in sight! Wedding number 2 is done, and it was a fun, busy day. My new job is challenging but I feel very positive about it on the whole. Change is always tricky but so far so good.

Summer is well on it's way, you can feel it in the air, it's warmer, the sun feels hotter. The horses are shedding like crazy and my allergies have gone nuts. Plus the flies are back. The season is winding down and I am looking forward to a break. I love competing so much but a break is always a good thing. Plus it lets me focus my energy on Henry a bit more and I would love to really get him going and get him more solid.
Such a pretty place to have a wedding!

I feel equally worn down and energised, it's a weird place to be in. I guess I want to keep training and achieving with the boys, but enjoy the comforts of home for a while? I'll go with it!
Very friendly cows who were convinced the bride would feed them

There are plenty of jobs to get done before summer hits, starting with mowing the paddock. That's a job for this weekend. I also have to wash the float, spray more weeds and do stuff around my own house. I am looking forward to spending some time at home. We are expecting some rain this weekend though so it should be perfect weather to get out and do some gardening.

I got as far as tacking Henry up for a ride last night when a big storm rolled through. It wasn't set to pass quickly so I tossed him back in the paddock and set up some jumps instead for later in the week. I'm not a fair weather rider but I wont ride in a storm. There was a pretty impressive lighting show and thunder to match so that was something at least!
Mum, thunder is scary!

We had a really great ride tonight, after he hadn't been ridden for a week. I had a moment where I was riding, he was working great and I realised he wasn't a green as grass baby anymore. He is still green but as Andrew says, he is a bit more brown now!
Decided to have a go at riding tackless. Went well!
The farrier is due to come out this week and even though he was only here 5 weeks ago, Coolies feet are in desperate need of doing. They always grow like crazy in spring and the rapid change in weather sees them dry out very quick. We go from being careful about how soft his feel are to worrying about how dry they are in a matter of days. I need a better product to help keep them strong and prevent them drying out. Any ideas of products I can get down under?!

Hope everyone else is ticking along ok!


  1. lol "a bit more brown" --> i like that!

    and yea, this spring and summer season charlie managed to jussssst barely hang on to a 5 wk shoeing cycle, but it got a little dicey once or twice. darn thoroughbred feet!

    1. Haha, I like it too! Shoeing is such a joy, far better when the seasons are done changing.

  2. it throws me off you have had winter now you are going into summer and vice versa :) Glad your new job is going well....and ugh let's not even talk about shoeing cycles. I wont ride in a storm either. Scares me!! I dont know of any products for hoof care but i know some people use certain stuff that helps hopefully someone will give you an idea. And love the brown vs green label for horses ;) HA

  3. Haha, I just try not to think about it too hard! Otherwise you might start imagining us all standing on our heads and walking backwards ;p


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