Filling in

The weeks seem to be flying past at the moment, and although I have been riding plenty (although not really enough!) I don't feel like I have much to say. For the most part the horses have been ticking along ok.

Henry and I were supposed to go to adult riders this weekend, but after he felt fine warming up on Friday, the second I asked for trot it became apparent he was not ok. It seems he is lame on his near fore and after a weekend of no improvement he will be off to the vet this week to investigate. I can't find anything obvious other than some very minor swelling just above his fetlock. I hate it when it's nothing obvious, but there is no point stressing just yet. He has also done something to his right hind while Coolie and I were out on Sunday and now that's swollen too, but doesn't seem to be bothering him. Not sure how he has hurt himself, but that leg is a bit scrapped. Doesn't look like a fence incident so maybe a stick? 

Instead Coolie got to go to adult riders and we had quite a fun day. We had a ground work session first which was a good refresher since I rarely practice groundwork with him, and I should probably do more. He remembered everything for the most part and was a good sport about it all. He was probably wondering what we were doing though. 

The after a 3 hour break (adult riders don't do anything in a hurry) we had a jumping lesson. Since I was supposed to bring Henry we were with another rider who was jumping about 60cm. The instructor was kind enough to adjust the jumps for me though and I was happy to wait while the other rider did a big chunk of jumping. 

Coolie was a good boy and while we didn't get a heap out of the lesson it was good to practice. I rode forward a lot better, and felt confident which is the main thing. We also stayed mostly dry, and it was warm between the rain showers. Mostly...

This week we are having some nice warm weather and Coolie and I are prepping for the last event of the season! I am really looking forward to it and am being kind to myself. I am looking forward to the summer break but don't plan on riding less. The boys have boot camp because I we have some serious goals to work towards. 

Vet booked for tomorrow, fingers crossed Henry isn't too broken. 


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for Henry! And you and Coolie are looking great!

    1. Thanks! Luckily nothing terrible, but I think he was being a bit stoic about it.

  2. you look great I hope Henry bounces back fast and Coolie is adorable over those fences :)


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