Brigadoon CNC - Dressage

What's this? A mid event post?! 

Dressage day today! Before Coolie and i could get our event on, Henry and I had to go back to the vet. His abscess is healing well and he gets his shoe back on on Monday morning, so hopefully we can crack on!

Luckily it didn't take too long and we were home in no time, where a swapped horses and headed off to Brigadoon. I planned to get there with lots of time to spare so I could faff about and take my time getting ready. Andrew was always there doing show jumping stuff so I found him, got my number, finished plaiting and slowly got ready.

I had planned on getting on about 45 minutes before my test. Andrew was helping organise my stuff when he asked where my boot were... that's when I realised they were at home! Thank god fo my mum, she is a true life saver. Andrew rang her and she grabbed my boots and headed over. Thankfully I still had about half an hour up my sleeve and got on to warm up. 

Mum got a bonus dressage test, and it was a good one. Worth staying for! After a good warm up Coolie and I entered the arena feeling confident. He was relaxed, forward and working well into the contact.

Other than a few little moments where the flies got to him, it was a lovely test. It was accurate, flowed well and it felt great! I was very pleased.

I have no idea what we scored yet, I'm not checking until I am done riding tomorrow. I'm just enjoying my weekend!

After unplaiting Coolie and packing all our stuff away, I walked the cross country course. It looks fun, and all the jumps look small. I was looking at the 105 as I walked and I wish I was doing it. All the 105 jumps looked great and very do able. I am feeling pretty pleased about that and am now seriously thinking about my upgrade next season. I think we are ready!
Even this looks small!

The course is fairly straight forward with a few combinations. Lots of galloping fences, and it looks like it will be nice and flowing. A great course to gallop on!

Tomorrow we have show jumping up first and then XC at about 1. It's going to be warm again, but hopefully there will be a breeze like there was today. Everything looks lovely on the course and I can't wait!


  1. Whoops about forgetting the boots!! Glad it was a good test tho despite the delay and even more glad to hear you’re feeling good about tomorrow!!

    1. Thanks, I can't believe i forgot something so important. Thank god for my Mum!

  2. waiting to hear how you did today. That was a lot of things going on so not surprised the boots were left behind. At least you took the right horse to the show ;) HA THOSE JUMPS DO NOT LOOK SMALL TO ME! :) Have fun!


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