After a few weeks of off and on work, I have knuckled down a bit and started to get Henry into a bit more work.

Since Jonnas clinic we have been riding several days a week and he is really thriving. In recent rides I have been really focusing on getting Henry off the forehand and working into  the contact for consistently. He for the most part thinks it's hard but by the end of each ride things are a little better. 

Last night after he nailed shoulder in and travers at the trot for the first time, I decided it would be a really nice end to our ride if we were for a little wander. 

Our wander turned into a half an hour exploration expedition. First we walked down the creek line a little way but that was a bit dull. So we cross the creek and went up onto the road. Henry looked at the goats (not scary), the sheep (could be scary and have to be stared at), saw some cars pass us by and stood very quietly while a person caught their escapee dog. The whole time Henry was happy to just walk along with a loop in the reins, taking in the sights and enjoying something a bit different. 

On our way back the sheep were less scary, but the concrete drain that he has seen many times before and has never registered warranted a stop and stare. Once we went up to it, it went back to being not scary. Obviously an invisible troll took off as we walked up. 
OMG there are sheep up there!
We crossed back over the creek and headed for home. Andrew was in the paddock and Henry happily followed him back to the shed, with his nose in Andrews back, just where he likes to be. 

Do you have food for me?
He is a funny little horse. It wasn't a super exciting ride, but when I got off I felt so content and full of joy. 


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