Spring is here, but it's still raining! We had some fine weather over the weekend which was good for another hens party and for the grass to grow.
These ladies again!
The boys have had an easy week, since it rained for a few days last week, I got sick, and I was busy with hens party organising. Coolie got a couple of bush rides in and he was so happy to be out, he bounced along on both of them.

On Friday Emily came out for a ride, our last one together for a while. She flew East on Saturday to be a working student with the Mcleans for 5 months. I miss her already! The horses were both super enthusiastic about our ride and we enjoyed a canter up the hill. We saw a lot of tadpoles and a big, shiny frog.
Big ol' motorbike frog
Henry has finally lost one of his last baby teeth. It has been hanging around for weeks getting wobblier, and on Friday I managed to pull it out. He was less than impressed and Emily thought it was gross but I'm pleased it's finally out!

Donkey modelling the latest in horse fashion
This weekend Andrew is judging at another competition down south, so we are heading down there on Friday evening. I am competing, Coolie and I have 4 dressage tests and 4 jumping rounds. I decided not to enter Henry after his stress at Walliston.

I have decided that Henry wont compete for the rest of the year, partially due to time and lack of suitable competitions and partially because he and I need to work more at home. I want him to be more solid on the flat and over fences. I want to know that when I put him in a situation he will look to me for direction. I also want him to get stronger and build more topline. At the end of the day I want a well trained horse, but my main focus has been getting him out competing. I need to go back to the bigger picture, and take that pressure off.

Coolie knows it means more work for him though
Henry will continue to go to adult riders, lessons and clinics. I hope to get him out quite a lot and get him more confident and consistent in different places.

We are flat out until mid October, with something on every weekend so I am looking forward to some good fun in the coming weeks. We have competitions, weddings, rides with friends, parties and cross country training planned so I am hoping it all works out!
It's been real pretty


  1. Sounds like a good choice as far as Henry- it's so easy to get caught up in competing (raises hand slowly).At least it sounds like it's going to be a fun fall!

  2. Aw that bell boots picture haha.... seems like a reasonable plan for Henry! I kinda had to do that with Charlie last year when we spent a lot of time competing when he was still very green, and it ending up amplifying some holes in his training. Breaks can be very good things tho!

    1. I've yet to find something to subject Henry to that he does mind! He loves attention.

      I need to crack on with him really. Juggling 2 is part of the problem, so i need a more consistent schedule.


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