Less green

Monday was a public holiday so, what better way to spend it that have a lesson (and then go shopping and eating!).

Henry had a jumping lesson and I was looking forward to it, although wasn't sure how good it would be considering I haven't had time to jump him since my last jumping lesson with Jonna. The struggle is real. I didn't need to worry though, turns out practicing flat work is beneficial for jumping. Who knew?
Actually the cutest

We warmed up like we always do, but this time I checked I had the adjustability of the canter. Henry was so much better into the contact, and he was coming back from a very light aid. Yay!

Since we hadn't jumped in a while, Jonna had us go over a tiny cross rail to check that we could remain in self carriage. Henry jumped over it like it was the easiest thing ion the world and cantered quietly away. Next time round, Jonna had me make sure we landed on the correct lead, then he popped it back to an upright and we came around in canter. Each time over was easy and quiet, Henry landed consistently on the correct lead and it was all no big deal.
OMG Still cute

Jonna had us jump the upright, then keep cantering all the way around the arena to a second jump, with a filler in it. Henry's exposure to fill to date has been minimal, and nothing as solid as this. He looked hard at it, drifted right and put in a huge jump over it. I was not ready for it, and very nearly came unstuck! I saved it though, and we re presented in trot. Henry stopped this time, so I backed him up without facing him away and then asked him to jump again, which he obliged.

We started building a course and Henry was really super. His confidence was a bit shaken, and he over jumped some things, but he stayed calm and kept his rhythm the same. He jumped everything first time, even the scary plank from the other side, and kept his head. We ended on a really good note.
Cute and springy

My home work is adjustability in all paces, and to help with getting the correct canter lead, especially to the left, I need to shift the shoulder to the outside before I ask for the transition.
Not failing quite so bad

I am so pleased with how Henry did, he felt really solid. He is still so green, but he knows things now, and I have a range of buttons to chose from. It was a really enlightening 2 lessons, and showed me just how far we have come (and how far we have to go!).


  1. Haha love the video! GREAT save too! So glad the lesson was good and that he felt really solid!

    1. Haha I was thinking I did not want to fall off the whole time! I am so pleased I seem to be more sticky these days. He such a gem, and he tries so hard


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