Do not get competitive!

I feel like time is rapidly passing me by, and between horses, a promotion at work and weddings galore, plus usual social stuff, I have been running around like the crazy lady I am!

This weekend we are headed down to Dryandra again for the pony club ODE. Andrew is judging so Coolie and I get to accompany him and have our own fun. There is quite a big contingent of us heading down, and with an 8am dressage time we will be heading down on Friday.

It's a small competition with just 3 of us in my class. The desire to become competitive is strong, but since I do not ride well with that kind of pressure and do not have fun when I think like that I refuse to allow myself to. In fact, I am really looking forward to a nice weekend. We had a killer run last time we were at Dryandra and it's a perfect course to enjoy after out last run at Wooroloo which messed with my confidence a bit. Add our recent XC training and Jonna's clinic to that and I am feeling confident and prepared (unlike Wooroloo where I felt very under prepared!).
Still killed it though

I really want a sub 40 dressage score, but I am not too fussed on the score if I feel like we have an improvement. I would like our transitions to be better, and for him to stay round in them. I need to ride the test as accurately as possible, and to think forward, keep him on my aides and in self carriage.

Show jumping I really want a clear round. i need to ride forward, and remember that the canter I need is the canter I want to do, plus a bit extra. I need to set him up well, keep the power through the turns and give with my hands. I need to keep my leg on, and use it more effectively. In the warm up I need to check my breaks!

We XC early Sunday morning and I want a confident run, to come in on time and for Coolie to remain adjustable. I need to let Coolie flow to the fences and allow him to do his job. I need to trust my training! Hes been so great this year and I really just want to enjoy it.

I can't wait for that feeling of freedom galloping around on Sunday, bring it on!


  1. Have fun! It's been difficult for me to lay aside my ridiculous competitive nature haha, but trust me it can be done! lol I think you'll have a great time!

    1. It's hard. Sometimes I can do it, and other times I just can't!


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