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Saturday morning Andrew and I decided we had a spare $400 so thought we should do some home tests on just how strong my helmet is.
Is very nice helmet

These tests were all very scientific and well planned, our hypothesis: Bree's head will not smash like a melon when 1T of pressure is applied.

First we made sure we had all the required equipment we would need: helmet, hard surface, and something that could provide just the right amount of pressure. With these things to hand, we set about testing our hypothesis. Sadly we forgot an actual melon.

This should do it!

To add some excitement we thought testing the helmet at speed would be helpful, to see just how good it was. Can never have enough factors in a very sciency experiment, right?

We hooked the float up to the car, and added a horse for good measure. Then we loaded all my riding stuff, and filled the water tank. We rigged the tack box door just so, to make sure it wouldn't open until the exact right moment, when we were going not too fast and not too slow, and so the helmet would go directly under the float tyres.

As we were cruising down a straight bit of road, the door flung open and the helmet fell out, and there was a satisfying bump as the tyres ran over the helmet.

Experiment concluded we were able to see the results.

1. The case is surprisingly springy and deceiving.
2. My poor helmet is tough, and I think will provide good protection should I need it.
3. My head will be crushed like a melon if it gets run over no matter the protection.

Moral of the story experiment? The tack box doors can randomly open on the highway on the way to XC training. Helmet will not survive getting run over. My dad is the best for dropping a spare helmet off to me. I don't know how it happened but XC training is starting to get expensive!


  1. yikes!! tho it's not as beat up as i would have guessed haha. i actually have to lock my trailer doors while charlie's in there bc otherwise he opens the door when i'm driving. not a good thing on the highway!

    1. I think thats what we will be doing from now on! Plus looking into a different opening arrangement! I was surprised to see how well it did hold up!

  2. OMG I am so glad I don't have a tack room in my trailer for this reason :) HA HA HA i am glad the moral of the story (experiment) didn't crush your melon, just your helmet:) HA HA HA


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