So long summer!

We have just 1 day left of summer, and already the nights are closing in. It's still pretty hot though and I'm looking forward to the cooler weather and a bit of rain. I am not looking forward to shorter days and I am already getting into a bit of a worry about how I'm going to manage keeping the 2 boys in enough work throughout winter. Last year it was hard and I didn't find a balance.
Henry and his chickens

Working the horses is so easy in summer, the long days and no competitions to work towards means I don't have to worry too much about an agenda, just loosely plan how often I'll ride and what days I'll hack or jump.

Last year it was pretty clear to me than Henry ideally needs 4-5 days in work a week, preferably with only 1 day off at a time. He has grown up a lot, so he can cope better with more days off but in winter when he has extra energy, the less days off in a row the better!

Coolie when in full competition work also needs 4-5 days per week in work. He does maintain his fitness quite well, so he could possible have some weeks with less but really I need to make sure he can cope with what is asked of him.

Last season was really hectic for us and I don't plan on replicating that again. Instead I will do fewer events but compete with both horses more equally (hopefully!).

It's tricky to know what to do since I don't have a solid competition plan. I have some idea but really it's a matter of getting Henry out as much as possible so he progresses in new environments, and deciding what I want to focus on with Coolie.

Right now I'm leaning towards dedicating more time and energy to Henry. I feel like a bad mum to say it though! Henry would benefit more from the work and I have more solid plans for him. My plan for Coolie is to just go with the flow a bit more and take him out if I fancy. At this point in time I don't have an overwhelming desire to compete on him but I have a feeling that might change when we get back from our holiday.
Best part of summer!

Really my plan for Coolie will to just go to select events, and only event him. I will cut down on all the extra stuff we did last year. We don't need to do so many training days, or just go SJing or dressage.  He knows his job so the extra miles aren't hugely beneficial. We might go to some dressage later in the year if I get renewed enthusiasm for getting out at elementary (I haven't blogged about why I am not loving dressage right now!).

Henry needs a lot more shows under his belt for him to get used to that environment and out of the two horses, my motivation is towards him. Ugh I feel like I'm betraying my main man! Coolie doesn't care though and right now is happy in the work he is getting. I just need to relax about it and do what feels best. Easier said than done.

So while we count down the weeks until we all go on holiday, I will quietly plan and train. Hopefully when we all get back to work after our refreshing break we will have a clear path! Until then Henry has plenty to be getting on with.


  1. i love that beach galloping pic!! we still have a little bit of winter to go around here, but are similarly in the planning stages for the season ahead. i like your plan of just focusing on the things you want to do with Coolie, whereas Henry still kinda needs the whole rest of his foundation laid. seems like you're gonna be in for a great year with two good horses no matter what!

    1. Hopefully it works out ok! It's an exciting time of year.

  2. I would frame that beach photo so cool. A photo of me doing that would show me being dragged by my horse cause i would fall off :) LOL

    Sounds like a good plan for winter with the boys!!

    1. Ha, I've been left hanging precariously at times too! Wet horses are slippery

  3. So jealous of beach galloping lol. That's on my bucket list! And it looks like you've got a great plan for the boys in the upcoming months!

    1. You should do it, there is nothing so fun! Swimming with them is cool too.

  4. It sounds like you have a good plan heading into winter :)


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