Thankfully my lesson for Friday was moved to Saturday and it was so much cooler. Henry was amped to go out, he almost trotted into the float again, and as soon as I hopped on he wanted to get right to work. He's a funny fellow but it was a great feeling.

After a chat with Jonna to update him on our progress. I wanted to work on self carriage and then just see how things progressed. There were 3 jumps set up in the middle of the arena, across the short side, an oxer, an upright with a ground line and an upright without a ground line.

We warmed up over a cross rail, making sure we could land on the correct lead. We got the right one every time but the left was a bit sticky so we repeated it a few times and then Jonna but the jump up. We cantered over the upright in the middle, then came around and jumped the upright without the ground line. 

Jonna wanted me to get as close as possible to the jump, and I just kept his head up, supported him and thought about getting in close. Henry was game and we got as close as possible. Jonna was very impressed and put the jump up. Again we got in close but Henry tapped it with a front hoof. Next time around he tapped it with the other front hoof and third time was a back hoof. On the 4th time we got it right and he nailed it before coming around to the oxer which he popped over smoothly.

Jonna stuck the oxer up so it was at about 80 and had me ensure Henry was adjustable by pushing him forward on the long side and bringing him back within one stride. He was super light after a few repetitions, so we lined up the oxer. Henry backed off a bit but I put my leg on and he jumped from a good spot. The oxer was made square and we came through again, me making sure we were straight and thinking about landing on the right lead. Henry was drifting left and it took us a few goes to land the lead but we got it. We finished but jumping the oxer and coming right over the upright with no ground line.

Henry was really incredible the whole lesson, he was so clever and felt really grown up. He was always in self carriage, listened and was easy to ride. I was feeling very confident and gave Henry a good ride to each fence, I was really in the zone and I couldn't believe how amazing my horse is. We have both come such a long way and I couldn't be prouder.

Tomorrow is XC and I am excited!


  1. Great lesson! Having a horse under you that knows the job and wants to get to it is the best feeling there is. Have fun on xc!

  2. He’s coming along so well!! Good luck with the xc lesson!!


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