Pre-season Pony Maintenance

It's that time of year to get everything shipshape for the new season, aka time to spend all my money!

After a big weekend, on Monday the boys both got a massage, lucky them. Well, they were both very skeptical at first, Henry not having had much massage before and Coolie being very suspicious of new people! Henry was sore through his lumbar and hind quarters but after he got the idea he settled right into it and loved it. He was grooming me when his new friend got a good spot, which was most of the time. I think he likes his new Aunty Viki! When I turned him out after his whole body was relaxed and his expression said he felt a lot better.
Jonna said, I bet you he wont take a big jump in...

Coolie was not sore, just a bit tight which was spot on what I thought. He was very unsure about the new massage lady, having taken years to warm up to his Aunty Kate. His face the whole time was a conflict... he was enjoying it but not trusting of the new lady.

The saddle fitter is booked for Friday, and next week they are both getting their teeth done. We have been having plenty of lessons, they are both feeling fit and fantastic. I need to clean all their gear again, and make sure everything fits, check if anything needs to be replaced and make sure I have everything we need for the season ahead. One thing that is high priority on my list is a new saddle for Henry. If I had all the money in the world I'd get a dressage and a jump saddle, but for now we are just needing a dressage saddle.
Coolie jumped on the weekend too, and he was awesome!

The only problem I have now is which events to do on which horse. Decisions, decisions!


  1. Yay for feeling ready to start planning the season in earnest! We are now only a couple weeks out from our start too, exciting :D

    1. This time of year is the best, full of plans and excitement

  2. What a great place to be in - fit and ready to start the season. Good luck with choosing which events to go to

  3. Someone is ready for show season to start! LOL at the water picture!

    1. I am so ready, and Henry is also ready to leap right in ;)


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