Kid is a XC genius

OMG, my horse is amazing. Oh also I'm feeling pretty damn good about me too, just gonna put that out there!

Today we went XC training. For those counting this was Hens 3rd time out. The kid came out relaxed and ready to work. He was all business once again and although he was tense he was completely on board with the whole XC thing. We started off with the water and Henry and I went first. He trotted straight in, and then out the other side. Then he gave a lead to the other horses . The horses that hated getting his feet wet was the lead horse. Who knew!

We tested his confidence with the water by halting a few meters before the edge and asking him to trot straight in. This tested how good his forward response was with a bit of pressure. Henry was great and trotted right off my leg aide. Clever boy!

We practiced jumping out of the water, then into the water and he was so game. He jumped right in without an issue at all. Then he gave a lead to the other horses too, before they dropped in. I know... amazing!

We moved onto a bank complex and he was a little backed off up the first bank, but he got into the swing quickly and soon enough was jumping up and down with no worries. Jonna asked me how I rated us out of 10 considering our line, impulsion and self carriage. I said 8, so then Jonna made us be the guinea pig by trotting up a big bank we hadn't tackled, off the smaller bank, turning around and doing it the other way. Henry was a little uncertain to jump up the big bank but he went up the first time, then jumped off it with no issue! He was the only one to do that too.

Lastly we tackled ditches. I wasn't at all nervous, I was very determined to not end up in it! Some of the other riders went first but when one of them had an issue, Hen gave a lead. He hesitated because the other horse wasn't going, then he jumped over when I added leg. Clever boy.
'It's ok Ned, just follow me!'

After that it was so easy, he jumped it happily and wasn't worried at all. Then we added an upright jump after and he sailed over. So pleased with him.

On our way back to the car we revisited the jumps we had done and Henry confidently jumped everything.

It was an amazing, Henry was so willing and happy to be out there. He tried so hard and stepped up when he needed to. I was so proud of him, and me. I was confident and I rode him so well the whole time. I supported him when I needed to and there was no traces of being nervous what so ever.

Henry's training is solid, his basics are all there and it allows us to start building on more things. It just goes to show slow and steady pays off!


  1. Yay!! You two look really good out there conquering the beasts of cross country.

    1. Thanks, I am still reliving the thrill of it!


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