Sick and Injured

The past 2 weeks have been a bit of a flop. After a great 2 lessons with Manu, I was feeling really pumped for our next event.

The weekend after Manus visit I got a little bit of a cold. No biggie, I pushed through and just felt a bit average. I started to feel a bit better after a few days but didn't bounce back to 100%.

I scheduled a jumping lesson for a tune up and we were training hard, revising all the things we learnt with Manu. The day of my jumping lesson I got more sick. Snot everywhere but feeling ok.

Our jumping lesson was hard, but we got the arse kicking we needed and I was feeling like we were going to ace the weekend eventing at Brigadoon.

Thursday I woke up and was full of cold. I couldn't breath, and struggled to get out of bed so I didn't go to work. I dragged myself out to ride in the arvo because I felt I should. I had a plan and was sticking to it (for once)!

Friday I went to work but lasted 2 hours before going home. I was still determined to compete so I rested, then rode, washed and packed the car.

Saturday I woke up and was still sick. I was feeling low on energy and knew I would be riding in the warmest part of the day. While it wasn't going to be hot, it was warm for this time of the year. I plaited and did a few last minute jobs, before heading to the show around lunchtime. I planned a short warm up so got on and Coolie felt great. He was being really willing a accepting the contact nicely. We went into the ring and he tensed but held himself together until we cantered where he promptly told me where I could stick it.

Overall I felt the test was ok, the trot work was better but obviously we still have to work on the canter.

We walked the cross country and I thought it looked like a really nice course. I was looking forward to riding it. I picked up my test and was a bit disappointed by my score. It was low, and while I agreed with the judge I thought it could have scored a little bit better! 

Sunday I woke up after not having slept and couldn't stop coughing. I had no energy and not being able to breath was a bit of an issue. I dragged myself out to the horses and realised there was no way I could run cross country without breathing, in the middle of the day, in humid weather.

I thought to myself, how would I treat my horses in this situation... and my answer was rest, and vet if symptoms persisted. Since I had been sick for 2 weeks, I called the human vet and went home to rest, very disappointed.

I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes I need to step back and ask myself if I am looking after ME properly. The horses get the best of everything, but I know I don't treat myself the same.
My little sick buddy


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