Henry goes cross country

This weekend I had the opportunity to take Henry out onto cross country for the first time. He accompanied some of my friends and their experienced horses training. The aim for Henry was to get him out in a big open space with other horses and have a positive experience.

He had Coolie for company and was super to tack up and mount in a new environment. He then lead the group out onto the course happily.

Henry got very nervous when a group of people started to exercise thier polo ponies nearby. He couldn't possibly walk, only trot. Turning right, that was a no go too. I just sat quietly and worked him through it. After a little while he relaxed and we got the right turn. As the morning progressed he relaxed more and more and was able to take everything in with out panicking.

We moved to a new part of the course where he got very nervous again, but again we just worked through it. He could hear a loud speaker and there was quite a bit going on. When I had his brain we practised walking and trotting up a steep mound and he walked over a pole.

We didn't jump anything, but Henry had a really positive experience. He just needs lots of easy days like that to build his confidence.
Watching with the 2 Emilys

After we were done we watched some of the Eventing GP which was super interesting!


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