Cotton wool

Between me having the cold from hell, Henry coming in from the paddock with a swollen hock, and Coolie waking up with a swollen fetlock, I think we need to invest in some serious cotton wool shares.

Henry has made it quite clear to me that he has been bored. While I was sick I didn't ride him because I just didn't have the energy to for riding both of them. So Henry lost out and got to relax in the paddock for a week. To repay me for my kindness
, he somehow bashed his near hind leg and came in one day last week with swelling and a nice sized cut. So I spent the next few days hosing and keeping the leg clean. He was sound and the swelling went down after a few days so it was pretty much a non event.

Then just as I started to feel better, Coolie came in with a swollen fetlock on his off hind leg. He had bashed it somehow, and had a nice sized cut just below his hock. So we cold hosed, cleaned and banged for a few days. He was slightly off, but I think it was from the swelling around the fetlock.

I think we are now finally all back on track. Can I have a padded room for all of us now please?
We cute though


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