Orange Grove Combined Training

Sunday we headed off to a combined training day with Coolie.

We had to do a novice 2.2 dressage test and a 95 show jumping round. It was a very relaxed day and was a perfect lead up our next event. I really wanted to improve our dressage score in a harder test, since we have been making real progress at home recently.

I allowed half an hour to warm up but they were running late. I discovered that a shorter warm up is better for him. He started getting cranky so I kept him busy but avoided making him tired while we waited our turn.

Coolie got tense the moment we entered the arena but I spent some time getting him to relax a bit and he was a bit more reasonable by the time we entered at A. The test felt very tense to me, but we did the movements in the right places. His leg yield was an improvement and his second medium trot I was quite happy with.

Overall, I felt like we could do a much better test if he stayed more relaxed. Husband and Emily thought it was one of my best tests but I found it very hard to believe them.

We had a quick gear change and went onto show jumping. It was definitely a far better round and we jumped clear! His rhythm was far more consistent and he felt really nice over the fences. We jumped around clear and I was thrilled!

Husband checked my scores while I packed up. Turns out our dressage test was good... we won. By a lot! Turns out I should listen to those people that watch me ride!


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