Not so stressage

Monday night we had another flat work lesson. I have been working really hard over the last few weeks to progress in our flat work and it has really paid off.

Coolie was far more rideable and went around softly. We got some good shoulder in and canter work.

I have to work really hard on my position as I tend to collapse forward. This is seriously hard work, but as soon as I sat straight in the saddle he went SO much better! The change was instant and very noticeable so I have to yell at myself!

Tuesday we had the saddle fitter come and tweak the saddles, and I rode Coolie after they were fitted.

It was a bit wet and windy, nothing too terrible and the kids next door were on their motorbikes next to the arena. Apparently all of this meant that Coolie just couldn't. He couldn't go forward, couldn't relax, couldn't go straight. We got there in the end but it just goes to show how much the environment can over shadow the training!

Last night he was back to his usual self, and we did a bit of jumping. My coach has been telling me I need to be softer with my aids, so with this in mind I cantered to the first fence softly. Too softly apparently as we got to the base of the fence and stopped, with me thinking 'ahhh.... what?!'. We came around the second time and I was a little bit louder! He popped over no troubles and we had a super session. He felt great and was really listening to my softer (but not too soft!) aids.

Tonight he is getting a bath and new shoes all ready for the weekend.


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