Flying horses

After the weekend I am feeling pumped for the first event of the season!

Friday we did some jumping at home. It was super humid but he put in a good effort, he was so sweaty he foamed under his boots!

Saturday we had a day of non-horse things so I didn't ride (shock horror!) and then Sunday I went for an early ride in the bush.

Monday we had a public holiday so I had a cross country lesson booked in with my coach. It was a great day for it. We went to an amazing facility owned by a local eventer. There are an amazing number of jumps there. If you can dream it you can jump it!

We had a great time tackling some more technical lines and combinations. I need to work on fine tuning my aids. I tend to over ride Coolie a bit so I have to tone everything down a bit.

Coolie felt awesome out there, really on the job tackling everything with great enthusiasm. He was amazing over the skinny combinations, I think he sees the flags and knows what to do. Coolie is getting far more adjustable and easier to ride cross country.

Our first event is 2 weeks away and after the weekend we are more than ready for our first event since August!


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