Fit or Fat?

After a pretty quiet weekend I took Coolie up to pony club to do some trot and canter sets and to get a feel of his gallop speed.

Trotting circles is BORING, but if we want to go 105 I need to step up the fitness work. It was good to get a feel of his gallop after the summer. He was happy to cruise at 450m per minute and was comfortable to step up to 500, although I think he would have like to go a bit faster.
Working up to full speed

Yesterday we did some more flat work. After our lesson last week I have been really focusing getting Coolie soft and subtle and this is now happening much faster.

It's not just Coolie that needs more fitness work. I have been running 4 times a week (when I haven't injured myself) and doing bootcamp. I have noticed a huge improvement in my riding, I feel much stronger, more secure and 2 point is so much easier. I wish I had done more earlier.

I love this view!


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