Capel CNC

After 7 long months Coolie and I have completed out first event of the season. We headed off to Capel at 4am picking up a friend and her horse on the way.

Dressage went well. So well that as I was riding around I couldn't believe how good it felt. I was so distracted that I forgot where I had to canter and got an error. To add insult to injury it was the easiest test out too!
A paddock for our ponies

We checked out the trade village and I bought a new breast plate for Coolie, then my friend had her show jumping round.

I walked the cross country course a couple of times and there were no fences I was really worried about. I was more worried about how Coolie would feel over the whole course after so long between events.
Trying on his breastplate

Sunday I show jumped early, it was a super round with just one pole down when I held him coming into the fence causing him to jump hollow. Over all I was much quieter tot he fences and he jumped much better for it!

Cross country was soon after and I kept the warm up short, especially since the landing of the warm up fences was a bit boggy.

We were soon in the start box being counted down, and then we were off! The first fence was good but then he was really spooky, looking at everything but the fences, taking his focus away from the job. Fence 6 was a combination of a log, down a steep drain and up the other side to another log on a slight angle. When I walked the course I knew I'd have to bring him back and pop it from a more collected canter to make it to the B element. I attempted to do this and he came back, but he was so spooky he nearly backed off at the first element and he sailed straight past the second as I just didn't have him on my line. We came around again and this time I woke us both him and we nailed it. From there everything was brilliant. He popped the apex perfectly, and jumped straight into the water.

Straight into the water 

I was quite cross at myself for letting it all happen. I should have got him to focus sooner, and been firmer with my aids. But we live and learn and those are things I will fix faster next time.

All up it was a great weekend and I am so happy to be out and about eventing with Coolie again. I can't wait for our next event!


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