Hello, Welcome, is it a comeback?

It’s been 12 months since live changed radically, and with life so busy between a baby, 2 horses and general life stuff (no work yet, that’s still to come!) blogging has slipped way, way down the list of priorities. 

I have had so much to blog about, and I have been following along with other peoples blogs but my own has been stagnating I think partially because life has changed so much, what I used to write about doesn’t seem nearly as important. Documenting every tiny detail just isn’t a thing I feel the need to do. 

Like this lesson where Coollie crushed jumping 1m again after 4(?) years and I rode like a numpty

These days it’s more about trying to balance having a child and horses and other life stuff. Horses he truely become an escape, a couple of hours that are all mine. It feels more important to document the delicate balance, the wins in life, and how sometimes being a parent is all about shit!

Loves his horses, especially when they win a ribbon!

I have also moved away from eventing. At the end of 2020, I was feeling burnt out and the passion was waning. It’s so hard to event, and with being pregnant I knew I had to step away. So I turned to show jumping and had some success. And it was fun, less stressful and a lot quicker than eventing. And so after 18 months away, fresh off completing my most recent eventing start I’m ready to call myself a show jumper. 

The horses 100% love their 'new' jobs

So without further ado, welcome to juggling jumping, a blog about being a mum, a couple of horses and the shenanigans we get up to!


  1. I missed you welcome back in any entity!! OMG the baby is getting so big :)

    1. He's huge! i wish I could slow time down and he'd stay little forever

  2. i love the new name --- and so excited to see you blogging again!! i'm similarly going in more of a show jumping direction these days, maybe for some similar sort of reasons. regardless, i'm lovin it, and looking forward to seeing more updates from your corner of the world!!!!

    1. it's got some perks on eventing for sure. Eventing will always be in my heart but right now it's not practical.


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