Henrys new saddles

Henry has needed new saddles since I bought him 5 years ago. He has made do borrowing Coolies saddles until I bought him a Bates Advanta in 2020. I loved that saddle but after getting a saddle fitter out 3 times in 6 months and it never feeling quite right, I got a new fitter out for her honest opinion. 

Been a long time since I have had 4 saddles!

Celeste came to me recommended from my physio. My physio is also the horses physio and the dogs physio and an all round knowledgeable person who has also done a master saddle fitter course and is good friends with Celeste. Turns out Celeste is also a master saddle fitter, has oodles of degrees, is super interested in how horses move and how saddle fit affects them, collects loads of data, is a level 2 dressage coach and knows my coach. So, I knew I was in good hands. 

Celeste had a look at the Advanta and was being very tactful until I asked her directly if it was going to work and she said no. So that got sold and after Samuel was born Celeste came out and I tired some new saddles. I didn't try too many, as I had already ridden in a dressage saddle that I loved, so I tried it again, still loved it. Jumping saddle wise, I tried 2. 

The first was a showjumping saddle with 2 flaps, short girth points, and a small seat. I was totally unconvinced but it was easy to ride in and when I popped Henry over a jump, he POPPED! We switched to an eventing saddle, similar to my long time saddle. 

I thought the eventing saddle was going to be the saddle for me. The I sat in it. It was fine. It didn't fill me with joy. And Hen clearly told me it wasn't for him, so that was that!

So I ordered 2 new saddles, custom made from the UK. I was very nervous about them being custom, but Celeste has been great and I tried them multiple times when she came out to triple check the fit of them. Each time they were just so easy to ride in. Like I was sitting in a saddle I used every day not a brand new one. 

He looks like a camel, I can confirm he is a horse.

My dressage saddle got delivered first, which is just as well, as I haven't had a dressage saddle at all since early last year. It's really nice, has calf leather, is grippy, fits us both well and makes dressage easier. I won a rosette in it so we are off to a good start!

Have since also got fancy leathers and stirrups

More excitingly (to me because jumping is more fun!) my jumping saddle got delivered over the weekend. It is LOVELY. I got fancy white stitching, and it looks super posh. It feels lovely to ride in, and when I jumped henry in it briefly this week (it's too wet to do a proper jump right now, we have a lesson booked) he had the same pop. It feels like he is much freer in the shoulder now. I am so, so happy with it!

Honestly it is beautiful

So thats the saddle saga hopefully done. My pony back sized thoroughbred has cost me many, many dollars but the saddles are both so nice and very reasonable for the custom saddles that they are. It took ages for them to be made, because of Covid but they are here and just in time for the pointy end of the season. 

A dressage ribbon!


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