Competition season is here!

 I have been itching for the competition season to finally start, summer kept dragging on and on and all I wanted to do was go jump some things! But finally it's here!

This past weekend the horses and I were supposed to go to WASJA, the show jumping club I'm a member of. However because of stuff it got cancelled. We are in major prep mode for a big comp coming up so we had to get out there and get jumping to tick off some boxes. Thankfully there was another comp on so we rerouted to there instead. 

Henry was entered in the 75 and 85 and Coolie in the 85 and 95. We had a nice late start, the baby got his first nap in at home and then I packed him and 2 horses up and off we went. Husband was busy already at the grounds so I had to unload 2 horses at the venue on my own for the first time. It was fine though, they all know drill and Samuel chilled in his pram. It was hard work for me though!

Recently all my work with Henry has been to get him in front of my leg. At the show he came out fresh and was already there. I should have made sure I had a half halt in the warm up as when we went onto the ring stop wasn't an option. The round was messy, we had a rail, I nearly fell off, it wasn't adjustable, basically less than perfect. We survived though and it was enough to knock the rust from a season off. 

We had about an hour before our second round and this time I made sure Henry and I were on the same page in warm up and in the ring. He was on the aides and listening. I rode him so much better, and he jumped so much better too. I think it helped the jumps were bigger, he is starting to think things under 80 aren't worth his time. Fair play. 

I swear he makes the jumps look smaller than they are!

We had another rail in this class, but it was just unlucky more than anything. It had the benefit that Henry picked his feet up over the rest of the course though!

We learnt a lot from our two rounds and I am looking forward to getting him out more. I need to figure out how to ride him better, he is a lot more athletic and rubbery than Coolie, which is a good thing but requires a different ride.

Coolie didn't come out his usual happy, enthusiastic to jump self, and after stopping at a warm up fence I scratched him. He is 19 and has nothing to prove so I just want him to be happy and comfortable. He was telling me something was up and I listened, just how it should be!

The day before, showing he was happy to jump!


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