Summer paddling

Our summer is in full swing and although it's been hotter this year than the previous couple, it hasn't been too roasting. I love the longer days and dry weather, it makes for good riding conditions.
I found this skin, and then we found the owner. So cool

This weekend was pretty perfect for riding and as an added bonus we are looking after the dogs. We made the most of it with lots of walking with the dogs, taking the dogs swimming and we met up with friends for a ride by the river.

Sunday morning the weather was perfect to meet up for a ride. Andrew and I took both our horses out and we met up with Tahlia and Kat. We started out by walking through the water jump to continue Henry's education about water. He walked right in, then we trotted around through it before we headed out to the trails. I organised this ride so Henry could have a low pressure outing since the last few times he has been out has been XC training. I was very pleased when he walked out to the course and stayed relaxed the whole time.
Enjoying the water

Our next stop was to paddle in the river and again Henry went right in. He is clearly becoming way more confident about water and had a nice time paddling before we continued our ride. It was so nice to be out chatting with my friends, all the ponies were relaxed and enjoying their outing too. We had a trot along the river, Henry in true Henry style set a nice easy pace but Coolie wanted to race. We met other riders out and about enjoying the lovely weather.

On our way back Paris was getting a little antsy. She wanted to jig jog and not walk. Henry ignored her, simply flicking an ear in her direction as if to say 'life is much easier if you just walk!'. Our two boys were the best behaved in the group. I do love how relaxed they are for the most part, it makes life so easy.

We spent the arvo doing things around the house, walking the dogs and letting them swim in the dam. It was a really great weekend!


  1. Crazy to think right now is summer when it's FREEZING here in the States! Yay for H being so cool with the water!

    1. He is getting there which is a relief! I think i'd rather the hot weather than snow and ice.

  2. omg that lizard is crazy!!!! but like, in an awesome way haha, what kind is it?

    1. Hehe thats a bobtail/blue tongue lizard, very common over here! They are a type of skink and their main defense is opening their mouths wide and sticking their blue tongues out.


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