2018 goal review

Now that we have waved goodbye to 2018, lets look at what I set out to do and what I actually did... which was a lot. 2018 was very successful overall so lets take a closer look:


Improve our dressage score

  • We really worked hard and achieved this. Weirdly though our results improved more in pure dressage than eventing dressage. Work that one out!

Get more consistent in dressage

  • See above we were pretty consistent with a steadily improving trend. 

Work on maintaining the contact in the canter

  • Still working on it but it definitly got better

Get consistent counter canter

  • I would say we did this. Still plenty to work on but we can do serpentines and circles!

Get flying changes

  • OMG kind of sometimes we can do a change on the flat that doesn't result in Coolie hating me. So this is a no.

Improve consistency in lateral movements

  • Yes, they are more consistent but still not good enough. 

Attempt an Elementary test

  • When I felt I was ready the test that would be most suitable wasn't offered. We are still working towards this one. 

Improve self carriage in all paces, especially canter and gallop

  • It is so much better. Check!

Improve lengthening and shortening strides in canter

  • These are getting quieter and more in self carriage. Check!

Leave all the poles up!

  • If I rode correctly and gave Coolie the best chance he did his job and we achieved this. It wasn't consistent though but I don't know if it was a success in terms of the goal or not. too vague!

Have more adjustability on XC

  • Definitely achieved this, Coolie listened so well on every course we did over the year. 
Attend hunter trials

  • We didn't make it to any but we did so many other things instead. 

Ride out with friends more

  • Check! We had a lot of fun times with all our friends. 

Do a 20km endurance ride

  • Nope, I looked into it but didn't make it to one. 

Ride 5-6 times per week

  • Yes he was in a lot of work for a lot of the year. 

Incorporate more fitness rides at pony club, once per fortnight

  • Nope this didn't happen at all. We got busy doing other stuff.

Get a better stretch!

  • We can do lots of stretching all the time now. 


Improve canter departs to be more on the aids

  • He does walk to canter, canter to walk, canter, canter, canter. 

Improve groundwork

  • He is super on the ground now, listens well and if he over step the mark he is quick to remember what is allowed. 
Continue to improve straightness

  • He is so much straighter than he was. Still work to be done, but I think the work never ends!
Attend a dressage training day

  • We did this in May, then we did a competition and a combined training day or two!

Attend a show jumping training day

  • We trained and competed more than once. 
Go XC training

  • We went 3 times, once on our own and twice in a group. 

Ride at Darling Downs

  • We didn't make it here but we went loads of other places instead. 

Attend a clinic

  • We went to lots of clinics with Jonna and the off the track clinic.  

Enjoy training

  • There were some really tough moments but we came out of the other side a better team, and I have really enjoyed the process. I am a better rider for it too. 

Take time in what we do and don't feel pressure to rush things

  • One step at a time has been my motto, and it is paying off. 

Compete and complete a competition

  • Or three. Smashed this one out of the park early in the year, we did the Off the Track Showman day, a dressage competition, a show jumping completion plus competed up at Walliston. 

Ride 3-4 times per week

  • He's getting 5-6 rides a week currently and thriving. 


Lose 10kg.

  • Still relevant, therefore fail. I got a lot fitter though.

Run 5x per week

  • We consistently ran 3x per week and walked more, because running 5x was too much. 

Eat less chocolate

  • Ha, I started out well then failed. 

Reduce alcohol consumption

  • Restricted to weekends only

Enjoy eventing again

  • I think I nailed this one do the most part!

Investigate becoming an eventing steward

  • I investigated it but got no further. This is on the back burner for a bit. 
Set weekly schedule for rides

  • I spent a good few weeks doing this at the beginning of 2018, then gradually petered out with it. i need to start again though because it really helped me make sure both horses got worked the right amount. 
Be more organised about everything

  • Umm, I guess I was. I can't remember what I wanted to improve here, so this is a fail for that reason. 
Attend more clinics with new coaches

  • We had lessons with Jonna this year, and Craig Barrett. We learnt so much plus regular lessons with Bec saw us in a really solid training schedule.

Have fun riding without feeling pressure to climb the grades

  • I definitely enjoyed riding more, and for the most part didn't feel the need to move up to 105. When our confidence returned it really felt achievable that this was a reasonable step up though but I didn't put pressure on myself to do so which is exactly what I was aiming for. 
Look after myself better physically and mentally

  • I smashed this one! I was a lot more self aware, made changes where i needed to and really looked after myself mentally which helped my anxiety and confidence so much. Physically I am the fittest i have ever been, I run, and so PT twice a week as well as riding. 


  1. What a huge year for you, with so many big goals crossed off the list! Congrats !

    1. I was surprised at how many I ticked off. i lost sight of some of them!

  2. What a fabulous year! Same here with the chocolate :)

    1. I've decided to classify it as a (mental) health food!


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