2019 Goals

Goal setting is something I do every year, if I realise it or not. There are always things I want to achieve and to do. Goal setting isn't always the be all and end all though since sometimes being really end goal focused means you don't enjoy the journey, and sometimes the results aren't as sweet as you would like them to be. I suffered a bit of this last year. This year I am going to keep things really simple, especially since this is what I do for fun in my spare time.


Do an elementary test. Don't worry about the score, just do it! Enjoy doing it, and the journey to get there.

Have fun jumping the jumps. Don't worry about moving up, just keep the horse and you happy. If it's too easy, make it harder. If it's too hard work harder on it to make it easy, but not all in one go. Break it down. It's not rocket science.

Enjoy eventing, at any level. Right now it feels like eventing on Coolie isn't as important as it once was. Instead, the elementary dressage thing is loud and clear in my head. So follow that path but if you want to event, just do it and have fun! You can go out at 80 if you haven't trained and have a blast. You can rock it at 95. 105 just seems like a bit too much for us both and that's ok, I have Henry to generally aim in that direction.

Take time out for trail riding and time with friends mid season. Just enjoy the time with Coolie.

Go faster in show jumping, but not too flat. You can take the handbrake off, it won't all go to shit.


Enjoy the baby horse learning time. He is young, but he is smart and sensible. Send him forwards, it's the key to everything. Hang on and be confident, he is turning out to be exactly the horse you want.

Jump the jumps, and be confident. You can do it and so can he. Sit up, leg on, heels down and go for it.

Do the dressage stuff. You practice it at home so you have to get out there. Henry will behave you just have to give him a chance. Have fun and relax, give a novice test a shot too.

Have fun with friends. Go riding, go training, just go!

Get out on XC more. Henry needs to get out there and do it. Preferably stay in the saddle. Remember to ride forward and enjoy it.

Trust Bec and Jonna. They know what is best for both of us.

Enter events. Go to events. Have fun at events.

Keep moving forward with Henry's training, keep him happy, take one step at a time.


Stay active. Yep, PT hurts but it's good for you so suck it up and stop complaining.

Don't just talk about the half marathon, DO the half marathon. Get running!

Be positive. Smile more. Take a breathe. Life it pretty darn good.

Put more effort in with friends. Send messages, catch up. Go out and have fun.

Be confident in you!

Enjoy every day, and make the most of opportunities presented to you.

Ride a horse in Scotland, maybe England too.

Appreciate and enjoy time spent with the hubby.

Give new things a go.

Just ride the horses, enjoy them, keep them and you happy. Don't over do things, and you don't have to do things you don't want to. Your horses your life!


  1. great goals <3 looking forward to following along in 2019 with you and the ponies!

    1. It's going to be a great year no matter what!


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