A new Aussie

Saturday was Australia Day and while we normally don't do very much this year was extra special because we got a brand new Australian. Andrew became a citizen! So we went to the ceremony and had a party and did nothing horsey at all!

Friday though was horse time, my bestie Em is home from her working student position so we went out for a ride together. It was AWESOME. I missed her a heap and I'm so pleased to have her home. And she bought a horse back with her so we have some great adventures coming soon.

Today it is hot but Henry and I went show jumping! Our preparation was maybe not the best since he has had a very light week, a day off yesterday,  and hasn't jumped in a while. He was very game, but green and was over jumping everything. He tried really hard though was a little naughty.
There was a invisible jump

We kept the warm up short since it was hot and when we went into the arena he was very on edge. We cantered into the first jump and he jumped it huge and went off course to the second fence. We made it over but only just. The rest of the course went ok but it wasn't very smooth at all. We got around though and I briefly thought about swapping my 60cm round for a second 45cm round.

I manned up and went in for my 60 round which was a fair bit better. Hen still jumped huge over heaps of stuff and the steering was a bit of a fail but we got around and I felt like I rode really well. I supported Henry, we jumped everything and were reasonably in control. There is a lot of improvements to make  but I was so proud that we went out there an d I wasn't nervous, I rode through everything and Henry listened even when he really didn't want to. 

The really great thing about this venue is you can take your time and if you have issues take the opportunity to improve things. So I stayed in the ring and jumped the last line a few times to get Henry to really listen. We improved and finished on a really good note. 
So clever and smart

I think it was a super successful outing,  although not the smoothest I rode well, supported Henry where he needed it and didn't once feel nervous. Instead I was super confident and Henry prove he can focus even after a less than ideal lead up to an outing. Onward and upwards!


  1. aw that's awesome, congrats to Andrew on his new citizenship!!! also Hen looks great ;) he really is gonna be such a cool horse !!

    1. I really hope so he sure tries hard. I'm trying to teach him to speak Australian now. It's not going so well ;)

  2. Awwww, look at Henry go! Congrats on the new Aussie!


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