I haven't forgotten!

Well, it's been a while. Not because I have forgotten but because there hasn't been much positive to write about Dakota. 

After the first two vet visits and her new shoes I worked her lightly for a couple of weeks but she went down hill gradually getting lamer. I took her back to the vet and had further tests done but nothing showed up other than her feet hurt. So She had Pentosan injected into her coffin joint and I was given instructions to work her lightly again. This saw no real improvement and I feel like we are starting to hit the end of the road. 

At least she looks good!
She has had 6 weeks off whilst my OH (now Husband) and I were swanning off around Europe (so good!) and has just come back into work. Her first ride felt good, her second felt average. She stumbled a lot and it was difficult to determine if she was uneven or the ground was uneven. 

I am trying not to over analyse what is going on. The plan is to work her for 2 weeks (gradually building her fitness, not smashing her!) and then go back to the vet to reassess. Unfortunately I am not feeling hopeful, although I hope I am proved wrong. 

We are running out of things we can try other than more rest, as we have no MRI facilities in WA to get a clearer picture of what is going on in her feet. So we just have to cross our fingers and hope.

My last post mentioned Coolie's upcoming events. I am pleased to report some more positive news. The first competition back was show jumping at a local venue. He felt great and jumped well to place 6th in the 90cm and wont he 100cm class. I was very proud of him. 

Coolie jump big!
The next competition was dressage where he was enter for two trickier tests. He seems to enjoy more of a challenge in dressage as it keeps him focused and therefore more sensible. He did two solid tests and although he didn't score brilliantly came 7th which is truly excellent for us. We are not dressage people!

While all this was going on my husband and I got married much to the surprise of our family and friends, who we didn't tell until the day. To add to that it was at my parents house. It was a truly wonderous day shared with our closest family and friends. 

Married with fur kids
We then spent Christmas in Prague with my family, then visited Vienna, Frankfurt and the UK on our honey moon before coming back to reality. Now I am ready to get into the season and get training!


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