Where is my cotton wool stash?

Well, the end of our season has been less than ideal. First Coolie threw a splint, now we are having a few lameness issues with Dakota! At least they have the decency to tag team...

Jumping 1m in our lesson
After a fantastic jumping lesson a couple of Mondays ago, I had a flat work lesson the following day. I asked D to half halt and something wasn't quite right. Nothing really wrong, she just felt off and didn't want to load her near hind. At my coach's suggestion I booked her into the vet and we had a lameness work up on Friday.

A flexion test showed lameness in 3 legs, so we were back last Tuesday for nerve blocks. Which lead to an overnight stay so they could radiograph.

After a week of not knowing what was happening (read a stressed horse mum) we found the problem (we hope!).  Dakota's pedal bone is out of alignment with the rest of the bones in her lower leg. In all 4 legs. The vet said he hasn't seen a horse so consistent before!

So she has a vets note stating she needs high heels... she could have just asked for them! Farrier was out on Friday and wasn't at all surprised with the finding. We have been trying to grow Dakotas heel since we got her and have so far failed. So she got 4 shoes with a heel.
Home from the vet, happily reunited

Rode her Saturday and she felt brilliant. Very loose and no unevenness. Our ride yesterday was less so, but still an improvement on the norm. It will take a while to settle down after a lifetime of pressure on joints, tendons and ligaments. Good news is none of these have been damaged so as long as we manage her, she will have no lasting affects.

Hopefully the problem is sorted now. We will know when I report back to the vet in a couple of weeks.
Why dis jump so small?!

In other news, Coolie has started his ridden work again and is entered to do 2 tricky novice tests and a show jumping day. He is feeling great after his break, and will come back into next season with a spring in his step!


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