Looking back on 2016

Despite the setback, 2016 wasn't all doom and gloom!

How can it be with these munchkins?
The year started with Dakota winning her second jumping competition, the 60cm class at Oakford Jump X.

D has gone from a green as grass never done anything horse to a confident all rounder, who loves every second she is out competing.

Moora - first event
We completed our first event, and placed at the next 2. She then Upgraded to EvA80 and had really started coming into her element, finding XC quite easy, making time easy and generally enjoying eventing.

Kellerberrin - 80 upgrade
We have improved our show jumping and are starting to show a really nice shape over fences.

We got the all clear from super coach to start training for EvA95.

Our dressage is coming along well and after some lessons with Manu we are really getting the hang of things.

So freaking cool
Coolie also had a super year. He went straight into the season at WAYER, competing at EvA95. His show jumping has improved no end and so has his dressage! He is now well established in laterals and we have started working on our flying changes.

Moora 95
XC with Coolie has been a bit up and down this year. I haven't felt as confident on him as he is a very different ride to D, so I have been working on my confidence. This paid off when after coming back into work after his broken splint, we went XC training for the first time in months and we both felt amazing.

We placed in the 2 dressage competitions we entered and did our first really tricky novice test without shaming ourselves. We also had numerous show jumping places but only placed at 1 event due to many XC time faults we racked up this year due to my slow and steady attitude.
Looking ready to move up!

For me, I tried to work on my fitness and put a lot of effort into my riding. I think it improved and I am a much stronger rider for it. I became a pony club coach which I think has also proved to be a huge learning curve but has made me a better horse person! 

So hopefully onwards and upwards this year, whatever may happen!


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