Long Summer Days

After spending a month in the cold dark European winter I am making the most of our long warm days!
So lucky to live here!

Since I have been home I have ridden both horses most days. last week we had a trip up to pony club to make use of the arena. We have also been out in the bush and had a fair amount of arena time.

Beach = happy pooch!
On Saturday we took the horses to the beach. I just love taking them and they seem to enjoy going. The beach is a great workout, we do lots of walking in the water along with a few gallops up the beach. It was a lovely day to be out swimming and the horses enjoyed a good roll in the sand!

Sunday I went riding with one of my school friends along the Swan River. Coolie and her horse Wonky became adventurers as we slid down steep slopes and climbed cliffs. We had an amazing canter on a super track and then went for a little paddle in the river. All in all a great ride out.
Friend + Wonky

This week both horses are going to be ridden most days. Wednesday we are hiring an arena to do some show jumping. Friday we are taking D back to the vet and then the horses are booked in for the dentist. I have my fingers crossed we have a positive outcome on Friday but at least we will know either way!
Water baby


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