Event number four for The Accidental Eventer was 2 hours south east of Perth, at Dryandra. The weekend was promising to be very cold, and maybe even a little wet.

We headed down on Friday as we had our first dressage test at 9 on Saturday morning. Dakota gave us a stressful journey, scrambling around every left turn which is quite unlike her. We arrive with the dying light and discovered she had grazed her hock. She seemed sound, so I put swell down on and bandaged it, keeping my fingers crossed she would be fine in the morning.

Indoor SJ
We had a lovely dinner with friends around the campfire, but went to bed early to try and keep warm and be well rested for a big weekend.

Saturday morning Dakotas leg was fine, and I was very relieved! I plaited up the horses and got ready for Dakotas dressage. After our lesson the previous weekend I felt a bit more prepared, and although she was tense, our score was better and reflected what we had learnt.

Next up was Coolie, and he warmed up super. I was really thinking we would have a relaxed test until we headed over to the arena. Then we went back to tense. I felt the test had improvements but it wasn't great.

Dakota then had her show jumping in the indoor arena. She was really great, but we had a rail when she backed off a jump and I didn't push her forward and she got too close.

After that we walked the cross country. I was really liked the 95 course and was looking forward to it. The 65 also looked good and I thought it was well within Dakotas capabilities.

We had another cold night, with frost starting before we even went to bed! We work up to white everywhere, there was so much frost.

With only 12 minutes between Coolie's SJ and Dakotas XC, I decided to SJ Coolie early, at 8 that morning. This turned out to be my undoing. The light in the indoor is challenging at the best of times. First thing in the morning with the sun still coming up makes it far worse. The first 3 fences he was brilliant, and felt amazing. Number 4 was hard to see, and I think he couldn't read it, as my very honest pony had a stop. We represented and I told him we were going! He stopped again and this time I fell, ending our weekend. I was fine, and got cleared by the ambulance before hopping on Miss D to warm her up for XC.

She was pretty chilled and responsive, until we walked across the road and saw XC fences. Suddenly she realised what we were doing and Event Pony came alive! She didn't want to stay still after that, so I settled for walk where I could get it.

I was grinning from ear to ear by this point, as she has worked out what her job is and loves it! The starter and I exchanged a few jokes, and then we were off! I love starters that will have a laugh with you, I find it really helps the nerves!

Dakota flew around, she didn't look at anything. She was totally confident, and really let me know she knew what her job was and that she was happy.. she loves galloping too, and I let her out in a few places. I wasn't wearing a watch so just let her flow to the fences.

It was such a good ride and I was thrilled with her. She is very ready to move up to 80!

OH volunteered to do an extra duty, and was quickly hauled off to be SJ timer, as the judge requested his help! I went over to see what was happening and was told by the judge that I should have jumped later in the morning and I'd have had no problems... I wasn't the only one to have issues that day!

Our scores were posted and Dakota finished 11th, being just one second too slow XC.

Tables are easy!
We watched the 95 XC and I was very jealous as it rode beautifully. So now Coolie and I are kicking our butts into gear and aiming high for Gidgegannup. I refuse to fall off again.

A very cold sunrise

Dakota's next even is the Eastern Zone Horse Trials, in Kellerberrin. she is flying solo for her first 80. I can't wait!


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