More eventing

Dakota' second event was the Avon Zone ODE, held at York Pony Club. I hadn't been to this event before, but a friend convinced me to come. So I entered Dakota n the PC65, and Coolie in the PC95 and off we went for some fun.

I had dressage on both horses 40 minutes apart, so they both got tacked up and OH was in charge of Dakota while I rode Coolie. He was like a whole different horse from Moora. Calm and relaxed he pulled off a reasonable test.

Dakota's arena was next to a private property, with chickens and lots of other scary things... She was tense. There was many baby dragon moments. But we finished it in one piece so it wasn't all bad.

Show jumping was next up. The warm up arena was a little hectic, and Dakota was getting a bit tense. They were calling for a rider to go first as someone hadn't shown up, so I decided to go. We had cantered once on both reins... that's enough right? In we went, and she jumped a nice clear round, although she was a little strong at times.

A tidy round for Miss D
After a nice nap in the sun, and a score check (Coolie... second after dressage?! no way!) Coolie got to have his go. We have been working very hard on his jumping and it has been paying off. My right leg is crucial for a clear round, but up to York, we were yet to pull one off at this height. I got a nice bouncy canter and we set off. He was jumping big over everything and was steady and responsive, and we we our first clear round! I was very proud of him! The leader knocked a pole and put us into first!
Sorry for the dodgy pics!

After walking the course I knew that the 95 was going to be tough. Only 2 fences were maximum height and width, but most of them were skinny, and the terrain was a challenge too! I didn't think Dakota's course was going to be too tricky, but hard to make the time.

One of many skinny fences. We are now good at skinnies! 
Dakota was out of the start box first. She warmed up well and felt confident. My aim was to keep her confidence and to go clear of jumping penalties, after the previous weekend at Moora. She was super over everything, but was a bit looky at the water which is unusual. she came in with time but had felt fantastic and far less wobbly. It turned out she was one of few to jump clear so I was extra happy at that.

Coolie's class was the last of the day. There was an unfortunate hold up when a rider from the previous class had a fall and we had to wait for the ambulance as a precaution. This meant that we had warmed up and then had to wait. Unfortunately this did not work out in my favour. We left the start box at a flat out gallop, and spent the round trying to slow him down. he jumped all the skinny jumps great, but he wasn't feeling quite as confident sue to the terrain and the very twisty course. The speed got the better of us on one down hill stretch, when I realise I wasn't going to be able to turn him to a fence in time and it got counted as a stop. I was very annoyed at myself. Again, the course caused more carnage than I anticipated, and we were one of 3 to get round.

It was a fun event, and sitting round the fire chatting on Saturday night was very enjoyable. It was also good to support a small club with just 7 members! In the end, both red ponies placed, Dakota 5th and Coolie 2nd! so now Dakota has her first placing as a proper event horse!


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