Broken bones won't hold me back!

It has been 4.5 weeks since I fell off and broke myself. Recovery has been hard, it took a while for me to feel ok initially, then I went to see a surgeon who tole me I could have my collar bone fixed and I'd get back to life faster so I went for that. 

Before surgery, looking quite broken

Two weeks after my fall I had surgery. Surgery was easy, the recovery was horrible, and I regretted having it done. But the surgeon said it was pretty messed up in there and I can believe it. I'm now 2 weeks on from surgery and it feels great! Like I didn't even break it so thats amazing. I shouldn't be lifting over 1kg, but I own a one year old so thats a bit impossible, but I swear I'm doing my best to minimise How much I am doing.

My 12kg child I shouldn't but have been picking up

My hip really copped a beating in my fall and has been by far the slowest to heal. It still hurts, and is still swollen. It has a bit of nerve damage that is gradually recovery. all the surface bruising went away quite quickly, but I think it bruised deeply and is going to continue to take time.

The bruising, you cant tell how swollen it was. Hubby was calling it my butt implant gone wrong

I have an appointment with the surgeon today and I am hoping I will be able to do a bit more. I also have a physio appointment tomorrow which I am hoping will help my hip and I will also get a bit of a rehab plan going. 

My new hardware

The fall has really woken me up in terms of my strength and fitness. Before baby, I was very fit and strong, and I made a real point of weekly pilates, lots of cardio and walking on top of riding. I have been trying really hard to get back to that, and have been making a point to get out for decent hikes most days plus riding. I knew I needed some more exercise on top of that but finding time to do it was proving tricky.

I love cycling, and thats what I wanted to do but it hasn't been practical yet with the baby. So instead I got an exercise bike and every morning at nap time I hop on. I can do as much or as little as time allows, its great cardio and I am already feeling better for it. Then I also do some pilates exercises right after as part of my cool off.

Spider orchids found on one of my many walks

I am hopeful this new routine sticks, but I am pretty determined to get fit again. I know when I am fit I feel much more confident in the saddle, and I wont lose my stirrups so easily on the ring! I really wish I hadn't needed to hit the dirt to find the motivation required to do this but there we are. Onward and upwards 9and hopefully back on the horse!). 


  1. man that is brutal!! hope you bounce (No not bounce) back fast. Ha own a 1 year old. Laughed out loud!

  2. Ugh such a huge bummer to get such a significant injury - glad you’re healing tho, hopefully it’ll be just a blip!!


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