As sensible as a horse person

So just 4.5 weeks after my fall I am back!

My appointment with the surgeon went really well. He did tell me I broke it well, and that it was like bone dust. I guess I don't do things by halves. So the plate was what was needed to get me back onto things. I got permission to lift my child, do things normally and ride. Technically he said I shouldn't ride really, but he knew that wasn't going to happen so I just need to be sensible. As sensible as a horse person can be...

The new hardware

Thankfully both the boys are good as gold and full of being sensible, so riding has happened. I went straight from my appointment to the horses, grabbed Coolie, tacked him up and hopped on.

Mother, I was retried!

He was fresh, and was sure Henrys rug which had fallen off the fence was going to eat him, but he felt good and I felt good so thats all the matters.

Spook ears

Today I rode Henry. He was awesome, and everything is exactly where I left it, working hard to improve our dressage. Like his transitions... just happened. He's a good boy.


It's been so nice to get back on and back to normal. My hip is going to take a bit more work, it's pretty messed up but the physio is onto it!

Missed this view


  1. Aw yay what a good feeling to be back up again! And lol it’s like your doctor knew haha, nice that he could be practice with his advice !


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