Taminga Show Jumping

This weekend was our last show before baby comes. I feel very sad but at the same time I know it is the right choice I was hoping for one more next weekend but the heights didn't work for us so we will give it a miss. Plus as I walked my first course, I was feeling like I was ready to be done!

Coolie and I went off to Taminga this Saturday morning for 2 last rounds, one at 70 and one at 80. I had wanted to do 90 but my brain wouldn't let me so we stuck to what is well within our ability (not that 90 isn't, I just need to pay attention to how I feel and not push things!).

Coolie warmed up a little quiet but responsive and on the aides. He just wasn't raring to go until we got into the arena and he switched into gear! He was a bit fast and it took a few jumps to get the rhythm. I think I need to circle and establish the rhythm better before we go through the start flags in the future. He didn't chip, but he needed to travel a little better and I needed to half halt and then have him more forward. 

The round was clear and reasonably smooth, but the jump off was a much better pace and we got better spots to the fences. We rode some good lines but weren't the fastest and came 4th. It was a fairly polished round and again an improvement.

The 80 was even better, with me riding more forward from the start! It was a super round, easy and I made good choices to each fence. I kept my leg on and we got a great rhythm the whole way round. We certainly jump the bigger jumps better and with a bit more style.

We were through to the jump off, and I had walked the lines. There was one very tricky, tight turn back. I had watched several riders do it and it was hard! I had my plan though. I picked a more forward canter and came to the first fence. He cruised over and we took a tight turn to 2, angling it to make the tight turn back to 6. Coolie sat on his butt and we made the turn easily, cutting the corner to 7AB. He sailed over the double and 8, making an inside turn to 9 with style. I let him open up to the last, but just let him get a bit long and not meeting the jump quite right and we sadly tapped the rail.

The judge announced that we were the fastest but the rail was a real shame! I didn't think we would place but we ended up 5th! What a way to end the pre baby season! We placed at every comp we did and had 2 rails, both in jump offs. It is seriously the most consistent we have ever been. Plus we did some really big events with loads of people in our classes!

Coolie and I are really finding our groove in show jumping and getting very good at riding like show jumpers. I am so proud of how well we are going, and how polished everything feels. I can't wait to get back out there again and keep improving. I miss eventing but show jumping is such a blast. It's fun to think about how best to ride and to ride smarter instead of faster!


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