Bomb proof

Things have been plodding along here, the weeks seem to fly by filled with work, horses and social gatherings. There always seems to be something going on!

First for everything including sharing feed!

Henry has come back into work and hopefully will stay that way! He has been quiet and easy for every ride, though he isn't as fit as he was and gets tired easily. We have been working to strengthen him, walking and trotting lots of poles, lateral work, plus walking up and down the hills. Most of our rides have been short and focussed, gradually building him back up. 

He is an exceptionally quiet, easy horse which he showed to everyone this week. There has been some work happening around the property that has involved earth moving machinery, lots of noise and things being moved about. Wednesday after I work I hurried out to the horses as usual, and saw I had a lull where I could quickly tack up and hop on. 

The lull didn't last as long as I thought it would and we ended up tacking up while a big blue pond was lifted into position next to where we were. Henry didn't even flinch. Nor was he bothered when a huge pile of dirt was pushed towards him. However the lid of the septic tank that was just sitting in one place warranted spooking at. Obviously! 

Scarier than the thing that will actually hurt him

Coolie is feeling wonderful right now, full of beans, mostly being a good boy. I say mostly because sometimes he's very fresh and wants to bounce everywhere and we need to negotiate an appropriate pace. His topline has improved so much since I switched his feed up and I think he is feeling more energetic for it. The weather has finally cooled down, and that probably helps too!

He never looks as good in pictures, but he is looking so good for him

Both horses are starting to get fuzzy winter coats coming through, especially Coolie. I really don't want to clip this year, I think it will be better if I don't but I guess I will have to see how he goes. Henry should be fine, he isn't as hairy. Coolie is like a pompom! 

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us, as usual. I'm still feeling 100% normal in the saddle, so it's business as usual on the riding front. The longer I go the more confident I feel planning ahead. This weekend Henry has a lesson and Coolie is show jumping. I have some serious FOMO about an event next weekend and a huge SJ comp the weekend after but I've been asked not to event by Hubs, and I need to respect that.

I was so on the fence about going to the SJ comp, but Andrew is judging at it so I wouldn't have any help and it's a long drive away. I wasn't sure how I would feel so I decided not to enter and I have regrets about it. Instead the boys and I will go to dressage club, and then show jump the weekend after. Hopefully I will also squeeze another comp in at the end of April too, but we will see. I fully intend to keep riding into May though it's in the back of my mind I may need to change how I ride. I do have the support of the obstetrician though, and I am being sensible about it all. 

Hopefully there are still plenty of riding days to be had, and it is certainly easier now the weather is cooler!


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