Henry is back!

After 4 long weeks, a physio session, a laser session with the physio, one lost shoe and many hysterics from Henry because he was bored, we are finally back in the saddle!

I was starting to think that I wasn’t going to be getting back on because at this point I don’t know when my last ride will be. Though that’s probably overly dramatic since I’m still fine. I mean, I have had to buy maternity pants and all bras are torture devices, but my breeches all still fit.

Anyway, I was all set to get back on and found Henry had decided that 3 shoes was plenty. A quick call to the farrier and he was due to get the shoe replaced the next day (I love my farrier, he is the bomb). Unfortunately Henry managed to pull a chunk of hoof off all the way round effectively doing his own trim job, but it will grow out by the next shoeing.

With a shoe replaced, it was time to tack up and hop on. I was slightly nervous but the joy of sitting back on my horse far outweighed the fear so by the time I was on, I was ready to go. Henry was quite pleased to be going something, but he was also clearly anticipating pain as he threatened to buck twice within the first 50m or so. I was alert for this, he only bucks when he is uncomfortable, but I closed my leg and sent him forward, kept him engaged and he realised he was pain free. From then on he was the happiest little horse.

I kept it very short, I am going to take my time to try and get him as strong as possible over his back. We mostly walked, including over poles but we did have a brief trot both was. He was very marginally unsound, due to ripping his shoe off so I wasn’t too concerned about that but we were done after 10 minutes. It was really just a quick ride to check in to see if he was really ready to get back to it.

Monday was a public holiday and Coolie and I were supposed to go show jumping. Sadly thunderstorms scuppered all our riding plans, but Tuesday Henry got a second ride. This time he marched up to me in the paddock, shoved his nose in the halter and was 100% sound under saddle. He worked well into the contact, lifted his back and we did more suppling and pole work before cooling out with a ride up and around the creek.

We were lucky with the weather and as I unsaddled another storm started rolling in, and Coolie thanked his lucky stars he didn’t get to go for a ride and just got his dinner instead. I am so glad to be back in the saddle with Henry, and he is very pleased about it too. He has been the perfect gentleman so far, and it has put my mind at ease for when I bring him back into work post baby.


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