XC Legend

I was quite excited to go XC after our excellent show jumping lesson. I was looking forward to building this phase more, because it's the only thing really holding us back from competing. I figured a new venue would be a great test to see where we are at and how much Henry understands.

We were the first to arrive, and Henry was his usual calm self as we got ready. I hopped on and immediately had him march off in a walk and did a few laps of the floats waiting for everyone else. Once everyone was ready Henry was happy to stand quietly while we all got to know each other and Jonna explained what we would be doing.

We started out with the water and I told Jonna I want to test Henry's response to it. So we trotted right in and wouldn't you know, Hen was game and stayed in self carriage into the water. The things that gave him cause for concern was the step out, but he came to walk and walked out. We did it again and this time he kept trotting happily though and up the step. We turned around and came down a small hill and then stepped into water and there was no hesitation at all.

We then came though the water a different way and while Henry hesitated slightly the first time, he went off a light aide and was fine every other time through. I feel like he is no longer scared of water!

We moved on to a more open part of the course and strung a few things together, mostly logs but also Henry's first hanging rail and his first roll top. He was incredible, confidently jumping everything, even when he was a bit worried. He didn't hesitate, just took a long spot and gave it plenty of air. I'll take it!

We finished off the session on some banks. Henry trotted and cantered up and down, and the up, down, and over a log on the other side easily. He was straight, forward and adjustable, with the most perfect rolling canter.

It was such a great session, and it showed me that Henry really understands jumping, and that he is feeling confident. He is also started to look to me for guidance and trusting me when I tell him it's ok. I had a chat with Jonna after our lesson, and I asked if he felt Henry would be ready to tackle a course. Jonna said he definitely was so now I am putting a plan together to make that happen!

My coach told me after that Jonna said Hen was the best horse out there, even though he was the least experienced. I love my little horse!
Henry and his chickens


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