After what feels like the longest week ever, the weekend is nearly here and as an added bonus, it's a long weekend! What a relief.

We have some fun plans this weekend that includes jumping over solid things in a competition and I am just a little bit excited. It's been 7 months since I went around a whole XC course and recently I have been missing it a lot. Added bonus of no dressage so I'm happy.
Better than stressage!

Saturday will be spent prepping, I'm going to have one last jump at home and am planning to make things as weird looking as possible to be extra ready for Sunday. Might even paint a new jump. Who knows!

Sunday will be spent enjoying the horse show life and the nice weather we are forecast. I got a brief preview of the jumps last weekend and they looked big (they really aren't I've just been away too long!). Hopefully they will shrink on the back of a horse. One can hope!

Monday we don't have too many plans yet. Probably take the boys out for a nice ride somewhere and Andrew and I are planning on a hike. We will see what happens, hopefully a nice relaxing day though.

Wish me luck for Sunday, and I hope everyone has some fun plans.


  1. yay so exciting to get back out again after so long --- would this be Hen's debut full event?!? regardless, have a blast!

    1. Not a full event, just the best bit! XC :D


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