Back at it

4 weeks after having Samuel and 9 weeks since I last rode, I got back in the saddle. Well to be more accurate I sat on Coolie bareback to see if I could. 

I was originally told no riding for 12 weeks, and then a second opinion revised it down to 6 weeks. My core and pelvic floor are weak, and so I was given some exercises to do and I have been very diligent about them when the young man permits me to be! Technically there were still 2 more weeks until I can ride according to the physio, however sometimes you have to do whats right for the head. 

I have been very lucky and have felt pretty much normal very quickly after birth. At the 2 week mark I was desperate to get back on which is when I decided to get a second opinion from a private womens health physio. I cant recommend a womens health physio enough! The physio was able to tell me there was no risk of prolapse, and that I didn't have any muscle detachment, but I was weak as would be expected 3 weeks postpartum. I was told of I did my exercises the 6 week mark would see me back on a horse. The biggest thing she was worried about was getting on and off. 

I was fully prepared to listen to the advice and wait. I really, really was. For the first time in my life, since I really don't want to get to 60 and be worrying about my bladder half way around a show jumping course. My exercises have felt fine and have been getting easier and I just really needed to do something for me. 

On Tuesday evening I was out grooming the boys and had plans to lunge Coolie. As I was grooming the temptation to hop on was too much so up I hopped from a nice high mounting block and would you believe everything felt fine. We walked a few steps, then I slid down and went and lunged him as per the original plan.

The next day I was in desperate need for horse time, but grooming and lunging felt like a chore. I wasn't dressed to ride, I didn't plan on riding, but ride I did! I fully intended to ride Coolie first for a few weeks while I got the feel back since he is Mr Reliable. That day I had Henry up to be groomed, and after 5 months I was pretty desperate to get back on him. I tacked him up, got on and we were away. Annnnnd it was amazing!

Henry felt so happy to be ridden again, he was responsive and other than being a bit heavy in my hands it was like we hadn't missed a day. I felt good, he felt so loose and sound and lovely, and we had a nice ride. I did about 2 laps of trot on either rein and we both felt fine, so for now we will stick to walking while we rebuild a whole lot of fitness! 

I was worried things would feel different, that I wouldn't remember how, that I would be weak. I was also worried it would feel like a chore, since things like walking the dog and looking after the horses have felt that way because having a baby is so exhausting! But it felt so good to be back out riding, and I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day and the day after too. Coolie has now had his first proper ride too, and he was so so happy to be out. I rode him out around the creek after doing a little bit of arena work, and we will probably stick to the trails while we all build fitness because its more interesting out there!



  1. so glad you are back on the horses. Go you :) Baby is growing already! :)


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