Added complications

Well this July has been wet and miserable! All plans for keeping the horses in some form of work went out the window early on. We have had 3 dry days in the month, the paddocks are swampy and the dam is overflowing. To be honest, it's been a good winter to not be riding, trying to keep the horses competition fit would be almost impossible I think. 

We have been making do with grooming and giving lots of carrots. We have also been to the vet because Henry started losing weight. How a slack horse loses weight I wasn't sure so I wondered if he might have ulcers. He was scoped and turns out I was right. They hadn't been there too long, and I wonder if he got them after his last vet visit. I know he got quite stressed while he was there! 

Taking time to smell the flowers

He has now been on ulcersheild for 2 weeks and it's been an added complication to our lives that we didn't need! 

My plan had been to keep the horses in the paddock and minimise how much effort it would take to feed and rug them. Except Henry now needs to be fasted and locked up and night, and the paddocks are soup anyway. The paste went fine for the first week!

It's even more full now!

This week things got a little more complicated with my waters breaking 4am Monday morning meaning an emergency SOS call to my amazing friends who stepped up to help with the horses while we were otherwise occupied.

After seemingly in a rush to enter the world, our newest family member didn't arrive until 4pm Tuesday afternoon. 

We are however very pleased to welcome Samuel to the family and we think he is perfect. He also has very long horse riding legs so hopefully he thinks horses are where it's at!

I've already been back feeding horses, but I'm not allowed to lift anything over 10kg and no riding for 12 weeks! It sucks but not much I can do about it and hopefully it will give everything a chance to dry out!


  1. Oh my goodness, congratulations! Let the riding countdown begin, but in the meantime, enjoy every minute of your little guy!

  2. Congratulations and welcome to the world Samuel!

  3. Aw congrats on your newly growing family <3

  4. CONGRATS. Glad Henry is doing better but sorry it has been a chore. and that is a LOT going on (And a lot of water) WHEW CONGRATS AGAIN so cute :)


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