With no riding happening (except that one time!) things seem like they are in limbo waiting around for the 29th of July like some magic will happen and a stork will just drop a baby into our lives. Obviously not going to happen but it does seem like life is on hold until then!

Feeding is not on hold!

I had decided long before I stopped riding that I would clean all my gear and organise everything when I did stop. I have now cleaned all my gear except my riding boots (my enthusiasm ran out!) and decided that Iw anted a way to store my breastplates and bridles so they didn't get dusty. No point in going to the effort to clean everything if it's just going to get dirty sitting around.

I thought I could make something but then I thought pillow cases could work just as well! Mum mentioned they had some old ones I could use, Dad gave me some old wire coat hangers and I found a bit of old irrigation pipe and that got the job done nicely. They should hopefully stay clean and not get mouldy. I'm thinking it'll be 10 weeks max until I get back on, but they will be ready when I need them.

In other pony news the boys have both been working on the lunge. Henry is moving so freely, it's lovely to watch. He is enjoying doing something, and we are working on voice commands. He is great at the forwards ones but not so good at the slowing down ones so we do lots of transitions. He is getting better but it's a work in progress. It also means he is getting worked and improving things without too many circles, which I would prefer to avoid. When he works his topline doesn't look too terrible either so hopefully we can build that up a bit more before I get back on.

Coolie started out lunging enthusiastically, and we had a few good sessions before he decided it was boring and that he didn't have to go fast than a walk. He worried me for a little while because he looked very uncomfortable. Then I saw him trotting around in the paddock and he was absolutely fine so it was just him refusing to move that made him look like he had a problem. 

Might have bought him some boots because I was worried!

Getting Coolie to move forward is a work on progress. On the weekend Andrew ran next to him which worked and today I got him going on my own so hopefully he decides to maintain forward motion?! Otherwise I'm going to make Andrew get on and ride him, but that will depend on the weather I think.

Who, me?

Other than that not much is happening. I started maternity leave this week and I can't quite get m y head around the fact that I have all day everyday for horse time and I can't ride! Hopefully I will be able to get it in after baby is born. I sure hope so, we have jumps to jump! 

If I thought I was going to get lonely on leave, I needn't have worried. These two haven't left my side!


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