Fluff check in

This week has certainly been a challenge, the third trimester is really not very much fun. I feel huge, bits of me hurt, it’s getting harder to move and 2 weeks of no riding while on holiday has meant my rider fitness is the worst it has been since the beginning of time.

I am starting to notice my balance changing, nothing huge but I don’t land as light in the saddle and get knocked off balance more easily. It’s really not a big deal, and probably more to do with muscle loss than anything else. Maintaining muscle tone has been hard! Thankfully I can still ride comfortably and once I have warmed me up things start to feel more normal again. I do feel a bit grumpy about it all though 

This weekend we are going to watch some eventing and show jumping, and no doubt I will miss it even more than I already do! It’s so hard to see the horses so hairy and unfit, but they are happy which is the main thing. Only a few more weeks (ok, like 8+ but still!) and I’ll be back to it without such a huge belly and hopefully rebuilding everyones fitness wont take too long.

I sent an email off to the vet this week to clarify the way forward with Henry. I had a heap of questions to ask and while I thought I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted the vets expertise on the matter. I also sent a video of Henry on the lunge to compare to before. I thought the video looked good and so did the vet which is a huge relief. Hopefully come August(?) we will be onwards and upwards and this will only be a little blip in time. We will get him on a good supplement, joint support and joint injections for when he comes back into work. I can’t wait, I miss riding him so much. He has coped betting without work than I thought he would and the down time will do him nothing but good. He hasn’t ever truly been out of work since he finished racing so it was probably about time (he had lots of short holidays rather than one long one! He’s not hard done by!).

Henry is less than convinced about all this

Coolie and I are still working on some serious stuff, we have had 2 flat rides in the last week and he’s been great! I am still really happy with how he is coming along this year and I just want to get back out there. I had the overwhelming desire to jump the other day but I couldn’t find the motivation to put a little jump up. Probably not a bad thing since I am starting to feel less secure. I had half thought about taking him to dressage club again in June but given my current status I don’t think that will happen! Did you know your pubic bone can hurt?! Me neither. It makes stuff like walking hard 

Looking very well for and older gentleman and his very pregnant mother!

Other recent happenings is that I sold my beloved Advanta. I love that saddle, but Henry was never quite as good in it as he should have been and I was always second guessing it. I am sad about it, I thought I would have it forever but it wasn’t meant to be. So when we get started again the saddle hunt will be on once more. I have no idea what I’ll be needing but I know the feeling I am looking for so I guess that is a start! He prefers a nice wide panel on his saddles so if anyone has any idea as to jump saddles with wide panels please let me know!

Very sad to see it go!


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