30 weeks, still riding!

Well, blogging has not been a priority recently! I’ve got plenty of posts in draft but I just haven’t felt like posting. I think the biggest reason is finishing up competing pre baby and our rides changing to pottering around the place. It doesn’t make for interesting content. Plus everything that’s gone on with Henry isn’t motivating to document, though I have for my own records. Also adding photos through blogger is now a huge pain in the butt and I often put that in the too hard basket. 

Anyway, after our last show, Coolie and I took to pottering around out and about in the bush, a bit of flat work when we decide we want to, and generally enjoying a nice easy life. He is feeling really well currently, and we have been having a good time together. I really miss riding Henry, and it’s taken a lot of effort not to hop on just to see how he is. But I know 11 weeks out from baby there isn’t much point and the more time he has, the better.

Andrew and I went on holiday for 2 weeks and I really wasn’t sure how I would go riding after 2 weeks away. Sunday was the day to find out though, and although I feel huge my breeches still went on, and I am still very active and moving well. Andrew was understandably quite concerned, though Coolie is probably the best horse I will ever own and I knew he would look after us both.

Picking out feet was a challenge, but getting on was fine! We then proceeded to have a very easy ride, which Coolie was pleased about. He was generally very pleased to have attention actually and felt very enthused about everything. We had a little trot and canter, and generally I felt fine but my muscles didn’t get right back to normal like they would normally. I didn’t feel like they weren’t working but everything felt different. By the end of the ride I was pretty much back to normal and I expect the next few rides will see everything go back to how it was.

As for Henry, I took him to the vet back in April to try and work out what was going on. Nerve blocks and radiographs showed some changes to both front coffin joints and the off fore navicular. The vet and I discussed options and causes, given he's been in very limited work and this is clearly not something that sprung up over night. Given his current slack status, I decided to give him bute for 2 weeks, change his shoeing slightly and let him rest and see where we are at come August. I need to email the vet a video of him lunging to check in with progress and then we will decide if we need to go for joint injections.

The vet was optimistic, and I have been through a whole raft of emotions about it. Mostly I am frustrated! I so want him to feel the best he can forever and this wasn't really the outcome I expected. I do feel quite positive about it all though so fingers crossed he comes good and we never look back!

I lunged Henry on Sunday to see how our current plan is working for him. He seems pretty sound! He maybe took 2 off steps to the left but I had to look very hard to see them. Hopefully he will be feeling back to normal when I do finally get back on.

So everything here is pretty low key. I miss competing and lessons, being pregnant is a tough gig no matter how well I feel. Part of me feel listless and unmotivated not having any goals, but the other part is really enjoying spending time with the boys without pressure.

I do have a plan for bringing them back into work, and some goals to aim for. So for now I keep looking ahead and enjoying all the horse time I can.


  1. You look amazing. Look at you go too. I pretty sure I couldnt even get up on a horse if I was that far along!! :) I hope you figure out Henry, and glad Coolie is doing good also, that beagle in that stroller made my day THANKS :)


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