Final preparations

We head off to Capel Friday afternoon, and will have heaps of time to settle in, pre ride, plait, drink wine and relax before dressage in the middle of the day. Then I will have all afternoon on Saturday to walk the course and relax. Sunday sees us show jumping at 8 and then going XC at 1.
We have added bees to our animal collection!

Given the warmer weather, I am grateful that it will be a few degrees cooler in Capel than Perth, especially with ride time in the middle of the day. I am also grateful Henry and I are both fit and the heat wont slow us down at all. Maybe it will take the edge off in dressage, who knows?!

This week is all about final preparation, running through my dressage test so I know it like the back of my hand, sorting out all our camping gear, packing, cooking and shopping. It will certainly keep us busy.
I have a lesson on Thursday for one last tune up, and Friday I am taking a day off. I will do a short ride on Henry and wash him before we go, then ride again when we get there and plait him Saturday morning. Depending on how he is I will probably pre ride Saturday morning too, as the event is on a huge paddock and lots of the horses find this rather exciting, Henry included. I intend to go with a relaxed attitude, as I am the one who makes the tension so much worse!

All my gear will be cleaned before we go, and I need to remember to pack both my comp jackets and helmets, plus all the other billion things we need for a weekend away. It has been nearly a year since we camped, so I am feeling a bit rusty!

I am really excited to be going eventing again, and feel very relaxed about the event. We have absolutely done all our homework, and have gradually improved over the last few months. I have a solid plan and will be surrounded by good friends ready to have a good time. Whats not to look forward to?


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